Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Expo UNTAN anniversary

1. Expo stan Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
* Excellence: interesting because many are on display
* Items on display: robots, practicum tools, preserved rare animals, dive equipment, chemical compounds or solutions, and works of simple items
* Benefits: for the community and students to know more and know what mipa with a variety of his work

2.Expo stan UPT Bahasa UNTAN
* Excellence: as the center corner of the language, provides a variety of language tutoring, namely: japanese, french, arabic, korean, etc.
* Items on display: Korean language training books, arabic, japanese, and toefl, scholarships.
* Benefits: get to know the people and students what language it is

3. Expo stan American Corner
* Excellence: supplying original goods from america, such as: books, films, etc.
* Items on display: books, magazines, movies, technology, etc.
* Benefits: for the community and students to learn how to learn English in a fun, cool, and easy to understand.

4.Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam(MAPALA)
* Excellence: looking at the beauty of nature, the roads free kealam, dll
* Items on display: showing the natural results, mountaineering tools for the peak like a tent, camping bag, etc ..
* Benefits: for students and society to keep the environment around because without the environment around we can not enjoy the natural atmosphere, the beauty of nature, etc.